Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shall we do a Cafe?

I'm more of a wine snob than coffee snob. For me a cafe has to have something special. It has to have an ambience and uniqueness that I can't deliver from my at-home-coffee-machine. These are my 4 favourite Cafe's in #Durban.

1. Freedom Cafe, perfect for a Friday meeting because they do great cocktails too.
2. The Corner Cafe, great for a quick meeting during the week and on Saturdays they do live music from 12pm.
3. The Antique Cafe, is my most popular choice of meeting venues only because it's linked to an antique and vintage clothing store. Plus Jenny bakes the BEST beesting cake, you'll ever taste.
4. Heidi's Cafe, off Anstey's beach is great for weekends with friends. There's no wifi (so you have to talk to each other) and Heidi is infamous for her baked goods.

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