Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Talking about my Generation...

In an interview the other day the journalist asked me which celebrities I thought would be the style icons for our generation. The likes of The Kardashions, Miley Cyrus and Britany Spears first came to mind and I shuddered to think what sort of legacy our generation would be leaving behind. Then I blurted out "Drew Barrymore and Ellen Degeneres" of all people (thanks brain). Besides what Ellen has done for the struggle of gay and lesbians world wide she has also made it ok to wear chucks with women suits and on the red carpet. Drew is the epitome of the 'wild child' gone good. She has always subscribed to fashion trends but ALWAYS made them her own. Plus she says intelligent things like "happiness is the best kind of make-up". They're the type of celeb legacies I would like younger generations to remember us by. Not those other fame-hungry-'sex sells'-weirdo's. And that is my final answer. 

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